Harjit Gill, one of our beautiful Assistants.

Harjit wanted a change from her long thick hair that took such a long time to style and maintain.

We gave her a super cute  do, now Harjit says getting ready is easy, breezy and beautiful!  

LURE’S very own Covergirl ;)



Kera Spa: Before and After

Before: The client would take a good 45 minutes to round brush for a smooth finish. Often needed to finish with a hot tool to achieve shine and smoothness

After: The client noticed a dramatic change in drying time. A smooth look is achieved using a flat brush and blow dryer for 15 minutes. Her hair is now shiner, luxurious, and still has the much dreamed about volume.

Before: Client had Frizzy, unmanageable hair. She couldn’t even put a comb through it, so she would tie it up all the time.

After: Dramatically less frizz, she is able to comb her hair and it can be flat brush styled in 5 minutes! Her hair is now so shiny and soft, feels like silk.



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